Rikkyo American Studies No. 39

(March 2017)

no.39 cover
Foreword 001
U.S. Presidential Election 2016 005
Return of the Forgotten Renegades
An Intellectual History of Trumpism
007 Hirotsugu Aida
Trends in United States Politics as seen from an Analysis of Electoral Data from the 2016 Congressional Election 035 Toyoki Hosono
Minorities and the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016 061 Takayuki Nishiyama
Modernization in Meiji Japan and OYATOI, Missionaries 077
The Rutgers Network in Early Meiji Japan 079 Fernanda Perrone
Women Missionaries and Women's Education in Meiji Japan 103 Noriko Ishii
Rethinking Muhammad Ali 119
Life and Legacy of Muhammad Ali 121 Yasumasa Fujinaga
The Phenomenon Called Muhammad Ali
Street Gesture, Islamic Soul, Black Body
143 Yutaka Nakamura
Remembering Muhammad Ali in the Genealogy of “Black Body in Pain” 163 Fumiko Sakashita
In Search of New Direction
Labor History in an ‘Era of Trump’
183 Shuhei Minami
Contributors 205

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