Rikkyo American Studies No. 37

(March 2015)

no.37 cover
Foreword 001
The Obama Administration at the Crossroads 005
Foreign and Security Policy of the Obama Administration after 2014 Midterm Election 007 Heigo Sato
Examination of Democratic Party Defeat in 2014 Midterm Elections 019 Masahito Watanabe
Barack H. Obama
How He Has Shaped Domestic Policies, and How He Has Governed
039 Masaru Nishikawa
Workshop for Popular Culture and US Society 053
The Life of Political Cartoonist, Thomas Nast 055 Yoshiyuki Kido
The Iconographical Primary Sources in History
The Research Trends of Iconographical Studies in Japan and Historical Sources Criticism as the ‘Common Works’ and ‘Common Knowledge’
081 Hiroaki Kanazawa
American Indian Studies
Federal Policies, the Academia, and ‘Rez’ Realities
105 Cesare Marino
Contributors 175

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