Rikkyo American Studies No. 34

(March 2012)


no.34 cover
Foreword 001
Workshop for Popular Culture and US Society 005
A Short History of Popular Culture Studies
007 Eikoh Ikui
“Looking for the Brooklyn Dodgers”
The Brooklyn Dodgers and the Move as a Labor History
023 Shuhei Minami
A Critique of Society in a Desocialized Manner in the Age of Mass Consumption of Image
The Brooklyn Dodgers and the Move as a Labor History
045 Yu Hidaka
American Democracy
From a Perspective of Structuration Theory
067 Kazuhisa Honda
American Economy after the Financial Crisis 085
Economic Conditions in the President Obama’s Era”
Analysis on the Macro-statistics and Its Meaning
089 Hiroyuki Yamagata
A Consequence of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Stagnant U.S. Housing Markets 099 Yuji Toyofuku
Deteriorating U.S. Federal Budget Deficits and Its Sustainability


Takuro Kawane
Undermining the Healthcare Insurance System in the United States
President Obama’s Effort to Overhaul the U.S. Healthcare System
127 Chiharu Hasegawa
Contributors 141

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