Rikkyo American Studies No. 33

(March 2011)


no.33 cover
Foreword 001
The Nonprofit Sector and American Democracy 005
NPO as a Community
009 Yasushi Watanabe
Nonprofit Sector in the U.S. 017 Gen Watanabe
Private Development Assistance (PDA) and NGOs in the U.S. 027 Kaori Kuroda
Questions and Answers 041  
Report 053
From “Yellow Peril” to “Model Minority”
Japanese Americans and Racial Ideology in U.S. History
057 Scott Kurashige
Native American Sacred Sites Protection Policy
and the Establishment Clause
075 Hisanori Fujita
Reservation and Collective Memory
The Northern Cheyenne Odyssey


Sachiko Kawaura
Fighting a White Man’s War
Participation and Representation of the Native American during WWII
129 Juri Abe
Contributors 147

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