Rikkyo American Studies No. 32

(March 2010)


no.32 cover
Foreword 001
70th Anniversary Special
The Current State and Issues of American Studies 005
The Current State and Issues of American History
009 Satoshi Nakano
The Current State and Issues of American Political Studies 021 Chieko Kitagawa Otsuru
American Literary Studies
From Deconstruction to Planetarity
037 Takayuki Tatsumi
President Obama's Economic Policies 055
Three Crises and Obama Administration 057 Takeshi Igarashi
Barack Obama, A Political Leader 073 Kiyohiko Fukushima
Native American Dialogue 101
Three Lives, Two Rivers
One Marriage and the Narratives of American Colonial History


Philip J. Deloria
From Sit-Ins to Fish-Ins
Broadening the American Civil Rights Movement to Include Native Americans and Other Minorities


Glenn T. Eskew
Freedmen and Native Americans after the Civil War
A Review of Literature
161 Yoshitaka Iwasaki
Contributors 181

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