Rikkyo American Studies No. 30

(March 2008)


no.30 cover
Foreword 001
Native North American Economic Development and Cultural Revival 005
Groping for Their Way 007 Kiyotaka Aoyagi
Economic Development and Cultural Rejuvenation in Inuit Society 021 Henry Stewart
Ethnographic "Information" as "Resources"
The Cultural Revitalization and Educational Autonomy of the Saanich in B.C., Canada
037 Kazuya Atsumi
Contemporary Food Fishing among the Northwest Coast Aboriginal Societies
A Case Study of Kwakwaka'wakw Commercial Fishers
077 Akihito Tachikawa
Imitating Native American Arts 095
'Authorizing' Native American Arts and Crafts
Hopi and Zuni Artists' Recognitions under the U.S. Current Laws
097 Atsunori Ito
Sioux and the Termination Policy
South Dakota Jurisdiction Laws in the Early 1960s


Ayako Uchida
The Agricultural Development of the Colorado River Indian Reservation and Japanese-American Labor
A Geographical Analysis of the Poston Internment Camp
135 Noriko Ishiyama
Wilma Mankiller
Bridging the Past, Present, and Future
153 Izumi Ishii
Contributors 179

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