Rikkyo American Studies No. 27

(March 2005)

no.27 cover
Foreword 001
American Pop Culture 005
American Pop Culture from the Literary Viewpoint 007 Minami Aoyama
Disney's Empire
The Cultural Strategies of American Theme Parks
025 Masako Notoji
What on Earth Is the "Black" Sound?
Analyzing the American Popular Music
041 Yoshiaki Sato
Repeated American Films
061 Makoto Shinozaki
Cultural Studies Revisited 075
What Was Counterculture?
Focusing on an Initial Study of Cultural Studies
077 Hirotaka Kuwano
Noise as Surplus/Difference
American Middle Class and Punk
103 Hiroshi Kutani
Research Notes
America on the Silver Screen


Influence of American Invasion of Haiti on Faulkner and Hollywood


Eiko Owada
Always the Hours, Always the Love
Mrs. Dalloway in U.S.A.
143 Takako Manabe
Far fron Vietnam
Vietnam War According to Platoon
159 Yuko Nagoya
Contributors 171

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