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Rikkyo American Studies No. 25

(March 2003)

Foreword 001
Minority and Invention of Culture 005
Searching for the Roots of African American Music 007 Hiroko Iwamoto
Acculturation and Ethnic Identity
A Case Study of Japanese Buddhism in Hawaii
033 Noriko Shimada
Split Identity
<Movimiento> and Chicano Literature
053 Fumiaki Noya
American Indian Identity and Invention of Culture
Focusing on Pan-Indian Movement
071 Juri Abe
Hopi Tribe and the Indian Reorganization Act(1934)
Construction of the Tribal Constitution and the Tribal Council
091 Kumiko Noguchi
Race and Sexuality in Lynching
On the Reception of Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" (1939)
111 Fumiko Sakashita
David Shulman and Guy G. Stroumsa (eds.)
Dream Cultures: Exploitations in the Comparative History of Dreaming

Bibliographical Introduction


Masashi Kawato
"Sharing and Interpreting Dreams in Amerindian Nations"
by Barbara Tedlock
139 Masashi Kawato and Rio Okumura (tr.)
"Mythic Dreams and Double Voicing"
by Dennis Tedlock
165 Masashi Kawato and Shingo Akita (tr.)
Contributors 191


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