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Rikkyo American Studies No. 24

(March 2002)

Foreword 001
Women and Politics 005
Women in the U. S. House of Representatives
Idaho's Gracie Pfost as Case Study
007 Katherine G. Aiken
The Challenge of Change 041 Nancy Kassebaum Baker
Modern Nation-States and Gender 051 Yumiko Ehara
Women's Studies Now
Conflicts and Negotiation
Feminism as Everyday Practice
083 Aya Kitamura
Lived Gender Norm
A Case Study of a Women's Studies Course in Napal
105 Mayuko Sano

Protesting Women
The Challenge to National Security Discourses by the Women in Black in Israel


Hisako Motoyama

Gender and Representation

On Ruth L. Ozeki's My Year Meats
163 Tamami Nakamura
Subversive/Reversal Gaze
Genre and Gender in Hitchcock's Rebecca
183 Yukihiro Tsukada
Contributors 225


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