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Rikkyo American Studies No. 23

(March 2001)

Foreword 001
The Century of America: Politics, Economy, and Culture
Lectures in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary for American Studies, Rikkyo University

The Essence of American Economy and Japan's Choice


Jitsuro Terashima
A Democratic Great Power and the 20th-Century World 045 Tadashi Aruga
"The American Century" and American Culture 067 Shunsuke Kamei
American Cinema, Audience, and Society 083
Reconsidering the Politics of Cinema
On the Reception of The Birth of a Nation
085 Masato Hase
The Early Cinema and Its Audience
Introducing The Great Train Robbery
107 Yuki Takinami
History, Politics, and Japan-US Relations
On John Dower's Study of History
129 Tsuyoshi Kogo
Contributors 151


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