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Rikkyo American Studies No. 21

(March 1999)

Foreword 001
How Culture Transgresses the Borders
Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
Cultural Studies and Transnationalization 007 Tetsuya Motohashi
Can the Chimera Speak?
A Comparative Study of Captivity Narrative
029 Takayuki Tatsumi
How Culture Transgresses the Borders
From a Resident Korean Novelist's Viewpoint
045 Suok-Buom Kim
Explanatory Notes to the Kim's Lecture 061 Takeshi Hiratsuka
Visual Representation in the Age of Multiculturalism
Asians in Hollywood Cinema
071 Yumiko Murakami
The World of Achromatic Color
Melville's "Benito Cereno"
095 Ryo Sugiura
Doing Justice to Bartleby
The Impossible Judgements in "Bartleby, the Scrivener"
111 Keisuke Fukumoto
Films of Passing: An Introduction
A History of American Cinema According to "White Negroes"
137 Shiro Iioka
Contributors 197


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