Rikkyo American Studies No. 11 戻る

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Rikkyo American Studies No. 11

(March 1989)

Foreword 001
I. Presidential Address of the Organization of American Historians, April 3, 1987.    
"Trouble in Mind: The Bicentennial and the Afro-American Experience." (Abridged Translation)
Leon F. Litwack
005 Masaki Kawashima
II. A Round Table: Martin Luther King, Jr.    
1. "Introduction."
David Thelen
026 Shigeo Kojima
2. "Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Spirit of Leadership."
David J. Garrow
029 Shigeo Kojima
3. "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Charismatic Leadership in a Mass Struggle."
Clayborne Carson
040 Madoka Sato
4. "Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Third World."
James H. Cone
047 Masaki Kawashima
5. "Beyond Amnesia: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Future of America."
Vincent Gordon Harding
058 Junko Kino
6. "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Charisma and Leadership."
Nathan Irvin Huggins
067 Shigeo Kojima
Major Bibliography on Martin Luther King, Jr. written in Japanese 073 Madoka Sato


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