Rikkyo American Studies No. 1 戻る

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Rikkyo American Studies No. 1

(March 1976)

Prefatory Note 001
Foreword 001  
Part I
Introduction 003
1. "The Central Themes of the American Revolution: An Interpretation."
Bernard Bailyn
007 Torao Tomita
2. "Violence and the American Revolution."
Richard Maxwell Brown
018 Masaei Nogami
3. "The American Revolution: The Military Conflict Considered as a Revolutionary War."
John Shy
030 Nobuo Komita
4. "The Structure of Politics in the Continental Congress."
H. James Henderson
041 Torao Tomita
5. "The Role of Religion in the Revolution: Liberty of Conscience and Cultural Cohesion in the New Nation."
William G. McLoughlin
050 Masashi Shimakawa
6. "Feudalism, Communalism, and the Yeoman Freeholder: The American Revolution Considered as a Social Accident."
Rowland Berthoff and John M. Murrin
060 Yoko Shirai
7. "Conflict and Consensus in the American Revolution."
Edmund S. Mogan
070 Yuko Ohara
Part II Book Review
Donald L. Robinson, Slavery in the Structure of American Politics, 1765-1820.
Duncan J. MacLeod, Slavery, Race and the American Revolution.

075 Tomoko Torikai
Part III
Bibliography relating to American Revolution



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