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No. 45 (2023) / Features: A Present Phase in Memory Studies

Features: A Present Phase in Memory Studies
MOKO Aika “Trivial Complaints against Sacred Pilgrimage: The American Pilgrimage of Gold Star Mothers and Widows in Europe"
YAMAMOTO Kohe “Questing for Order: Class and Gender in Late Nineteenth-Century Cuban Baseball"
TAMURA Tadashi “An Inconvenient Past: Memory Strategies of Liverpool Slave Traders in the Early Nineteenth Century"

YOSHITOME Kota “Re-evaluating Conventional Interpretations regarding the International Negotiations of German Unification: The Formation Process of James Baker’s “Not One Inch” Statements of February 1990"
MIZUMOTO Yoshihiko “Review:Kota Yoshitome, German Unification and US Foreign Policy"
SHIMIZU Ken “Review:Kota Yoshitome, German Unification and US Foreign Policy: Observations from the History of Nordic Foreign Policy"

What did scholars write in their textbooks?: A backstage tour of American Studies
OKAYAMA Hiroshi, SAKASHITA Fumiko, FUJINAGA Yasumasa, NITTA Keiko and MATSUBARA Hiroyuki
No. 44 (2022) / Features: What Is “Anti-Asian Hate”? History and Structure Framing Our Present

Features: What Is “Anti-Asian Hate”? History and Structure Framing Our Present
IZUMI Masumi “Labor, Germs, and Race: Dissecting Asian American History in the Light of the COVID-19 Related Yellow Peril Sentiment”
MINAMIKAWA Fuminori “The Other Kind of Anti-Asian Discrimination?: Inter-group Conflict Frame in the Cases against Affirmative Action”
MIMAKI Seiko “Racism, and Double Standards in Humanitarian Solidarity: Different International Responses to Humanitarian Crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan”

Continuous Book Review
SUGA (SHICHINOHE) Miya “Review: Yoshiyuki Kido, U.S. History Series Vol.2, The Age of the Civil War, 19 th Century”

SHIDA Junjiro “American Foreign Policy toward the German Unification and NATO’s Survival”
NAKAJIMA Hiroo “Review: Junjiro Shida, American Foreign Policy at the End of the Cold War: George H.W. Bush’s Administration and the German Unification”
TAKEMOTO Shuhei “Review: Junjiro Shida, American Foreign Policy at the End of the Cold War: George H.W. Bush’s Administration and the German Unification ”

No. 43 (2021) / Features: People’s Century and Their Willingness

Features: People’s Century and Their Willingness
IKUI Eiko “The People’s Century and the Consensus of Society”
MAESHIMA Kazuhiro “Media and Political Polarization”
KATAKAMI Heijiro “Adorno’s Adventures in Consensusland”

Features: America in the Age of Trump
NISHIYAMA Takayuki “The Presidential Election of 2020 and the Political and Social Division of the United States”
ITO Yuko “The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy toward Asia: North Korean Nuclear Issue, U.S.-China Confrontation and the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” Framework”

SADAHIRO Maki “Review: Yoshiaki Furui, Modernizing Solitude: The Networked Individual in Nineteenth-Century American Literature”
de St. Maurice Greg “Review: Ai Hisano, Visualizing Taste: How Business Changed the Look of What You Eat ”

Report: Post-lecture Talk
ISHIKAWA Takafumi, OIZUMI Yui, SUZUKI Toshihiro, SEKIGUCHI Yohei, and MATSUBARA Hiroyuki “American Society Now through Canons”

No. 42 (2020) / Features: Pasts and Myths of Millennials

Features: Pasts and Myths of Millennials
Toru Umezaki "Why is There No(w) Socialism in the United States?"
Yuri Sakuma "Millennials and Jazz: Kamasi Washington, Jazz Historiography, and Black Lives Matter"
Takahito Moriyama "When Politics Discusses Generation: Conservatism and the Youth in the Sixties"

Izumi Nakajima "Kusama Yayoi in New York: Changing Self-representation"

Research Note
Shuichi Wanibuchi "The Post-Republican Paradigm of the History of the American Revolution"

Madoka Sato "In Memory of Dr. Juri Abe"

No. 41 (2019) / Features: America through World-wide Zombies

Features: America through World-wide Zombies
Yuki Maruyama "Human-being, Animal-becoming, Zombie-belonging: Three Types of Agency and Objectification"
Tomonori Nishiyama "Lafcadio Hearn and Zombie: Koizumi Yakumo's Multicultural Yokais"

Takeshi Fushimi "New Comparative Approaches to the History of the Americas"
Keiko Nitta "Reading the Centennial of J. D. Salinger's Birth: For the Special Preview of Rebel in the Rye"
Tasuku Todayama "Review: Hideaki Kami, Diplomacy Meets Migration: US Relations with Cuba during the Cold War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018)"

Satoko Ezaki ""Slow Fade to Black": The Representation of Blackness in Carrie Mae Weems's Photographs"

A Lecture Report, "Anatomy of American Culture in the Trump Era"

No. 40 (2018) / Features: Digital Humanities and American Studies

Features: Digital Humanities and American Studies
Mishio Yamanaka "American History and Digital History"
Yuki Oda "Digital Resources for American History"
Masaki Komori "Digital/Museum/Studies: Site and Materiality at Museums in the Digital Age"

Toru Onozawa "The British Withdrawal from the Persian Gulf and the United States, 1968-1971"
Kohei Imai "Why U.S.-Turkey Relations Have Deteriorated?"

Yui Oizumi "Commentary: The United States Now: Thinking from the Origins of Neo-Conservatism"
Yohei Sekiguchi "Commentary: Understanding the American Right: The Role of the Historian in the Era of Donald Trump"

Yumi Hiratai "A Drive for Community Health Work: The Rockefeller Sanitary Commission and Local Public Health Experts in the American South, 1909-1916"

No. 39 (2017) / Features: U.S. Presidential Election 2016

Features: U.S. Presidential Election 2016
Hirotsugu Aida "Return of the Forgotten Renegades : An Intellectual History of Trumpism"
Toyoki Hosono "Trends in United States Politics as seen from an Analysis of Electoral Data from the 2016 Congressional Election"
Takayuki Nishiyama "Minorities and the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016"

Symposium: Modernization in Meiji Japan and OYATOI, Missionaries
Fernanda Perrone "The Rutgers Network in Early Meiji Japan"
Noriko Ishii "Women Missionaries and Women's Education in Meiji Japan"

Seminar: Rethinking Muhammad Ali
Yasumasa Fujinaga "Life and Legacy of Muhammad Ali"
Yutaka Nakamura "The Phenomenon Called Muhammad Ali: Street Gesture, Islamic Soul, Black Body"
Fumiko Sakashita "Remembering Muhammad Ali in the Genealogy of “Black Body in Pain”"

Shuhei Minami "In Search of New Direction: Labor History in an ‘Era of Trump’"

No. 38 (2016) / Features: The Vietnam War, Forty Years After
The Vietnam War, Forty Years After
Ari Nakano "The Relation between Vietnam and America: 40 Years’Track and Constructing New Partnership"
Hiroshi Fujimoto " A Vietnam Veteran’s Project for Reconciliation and Harmonious Coexistence in My Lai: The Madison Quakers, Inc. and Local Vietnamese Communitie"
Hiroko Furuya "Forty Years of Confrontation:Changes in the Relationship between the Vietnamese Government and Vietnamese in the US"

Hiroshi Kitamura "Engaging America: Cinema and U.S.-Japanese Relations after World War II"
Kazuyo Tsuchiya: “Welfare Rights Psalm: Race, Class, Gender, and the Birth of the National Welfare Rights Organization"
Seiko Mimaki '“Isolationists” Visions of Peace: The Development of Outlawry of War Movement in the Interwar America'
Takashi Shirouzu "Looking back on Obergefell v. Hodges"
Takayuki Nishiyama "Politics of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States"

Reflecting Volatility, Fragility, and Diversity
Shuhei Minami "A Wide and Narrow Range of New York City’s Political Culture Related to Madison Square Garden"
Helen Kaibara "Far from Child’s Play: Doll Diplomacy following the U.S. Immigration Act of 1924"

No. 37 (2015) / Features: The Obama Administration at the Crossroads

The Obama Administration at the Crossroads
Heigo Sato "Foreign and Security Policy of the Obama Administration after 2014 Midterm Election"
Masahito Watanabe "Examination of Democratic Party Defeat in 2014 Midterm Elections"
Masaru Nishikawa "Barack H. Obama: How He Has Shaped Domestic Policies, and How He Has Governed"

Workshop for Popular Culture and US Society
Yoshiyuki Kido "The Life of Political Cartoonist, Thomas Nast"
Hiroaki Kanazawa "The Iconographical Primary Sources in History : The Research Trends of Iconographical Studies in Japan and Historical Sources Criticism as the ‘Common Works’ and ‘Common Knowledge’"

American Indian Studies
Cesare Marino "Federal Policies, the Academia, and ‘Rez’ Realities"

No. 36 (2014) / Features: The "African-American" Histories in the Global Perspective
The "African-American" Histories in the Global Perspective
Yasumasa Fujinaga"What’s Love Got to Do with It? : Memories of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power"
Keiko Araki 'Africans at Home and Abroad: Marcus Garvey’s Movement and South Africa"'
Yoichi Mine '“Black Power” in the USA and South Africa: Overlapping and Diverging Two Worlds'

Nora Antoine "Culture & Connection: The Power of TCU Relationships'

Shintaro Nemoto "The Political Reform on the Native American Higher Education in 1970s: The Process of Making the Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance Act of 1978 and Issues around Its Enforcement"

Takehisa Matsuda and Yoshiaki Sato "Country Music and America"

No. 35 (2013) / Special: U.S. Presidential Election 2012

U.S. Presidential Election 2012
Koji Murata "The Re-election of President Obama and the Future of East Asian Security"

Kazuhiro Maeshima "The Role of the Media in U.S. Presidential Elections: 2012 and Beyond"
Yasuhiro Hirai "The LDS Church As a Religious Right: A Retrospective View on the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election"

Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy
Takeyasu Fujiki "Obama’s Asia Pivot Strategy: Its Background and Perspectives"
Nobuki Kawasaki "What Did ‘War on Terror’ Leave? : Development and Result of the Foreign Aid"

Workshop for Popular Culture and US Society
Mika Miyoshi "Blackness and Latinidad in Hip Hop and Reggaeton: In Case of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in New York City Barrio"

Chieko Iiyama 'The San Ildefonso Project and the Creation of Market: The “Tradition” of Pottery-making in the Pueblo Cultural Revival Period, 1900-1930'

No. 34 (2012) / Special: Workshop for Popular Culture and US Society

Workshop for Popular Culture and US Society
Eikoh Ikui "A Short History of Popular Culture Studies"
Shuhei Minami '“Looking for the Brooklyn Dodgers” The Brooklyn Dodgers and the Move as a Labor History'
Yu Hidaka "A Critique of Society in a Desocialized Manner in the Age of Mass Consumption of Image: The Brooklyn Dodgers and the Move as a Labor History"
Kazuhisa Honda "American Democracy: From a Perspective of Structuration Theory"

American Economy after the Financial Crisis
Hiroyuki Yamagata "Economic Conditions in the President Obama’s Era : Analysis on the Macro-statistics and Its Meaning"
Yuji Toyofuku "A Consequence of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Stagnant U.S. Housing Markets"
Takuro Kawane "Deteriorating U.S. Federal Budget Deficits and Its Sustainability"
Undermining the Healthcare Insurance System in the United States
Chiharu Hasegawa "President Obama’s Effort to Overhaul the U.S. Healthcare System"

No. 33 (2011) / Special: The Nonprofit Sector and American Democracy

Yasushi Watanabe "The Nonprofit Sector and American Democracy: NPO as a Community"
Gen Watanabe "Nonprofit Sector in the U.S."
Kaori Kuroda "Private Development Assistance (PDA) and NGOs in the U.S."
Questions and Answers

Scott Kurashige 'From “Yellow Peril” to “Model Minority” : Japanese Americans and Racial Ideology in U.S. History'
Hisanori Fujita "Native American Sacred Sites Protection Policy and the Establishment Clause"

Sachiko Kawaura "Reservation and Collective Memory: The Northern Cheyenne Odyssey"
Juri Abe "Fighting a White Man’s War: Participation and Representation of the Native American during WWII"

No. 32 (2010) / 70th Anniversary Special: The Current State and Issues of American Studies
<70th Anniversary Special>
The Current State and Issues of American Studies
Satoshi Nakano "The Current State and Issues of American History"
Chieko Kitagawa Otsuru "The Current State and Issues of American Political Studies"
Takayuki Tatsumi "American Literary Studies: From Deconstruction to Planetarity"

President Obama's Economic Policies
Takeshi Igarashi "Three Crises and Obama Administration"
Kiyohiko Fukushima "Barack Obama, A Political Leader"

Native American Dialogue
Philip J. Deloria "Three Lives, Two Rivers: One Marriage and the Narratives of American Colonial History"
Glenn T. Eskew "From Sit-Ins to Fish-Ins: Broadening the American Civil Rights Movement to Include Native Americans and Other Minorities"
Yoshitaka Iwasaki "Freedmen and Native Americans after the Civil War"
A Review of Literature

No. 31 (2009) / Special: U.S. Presidential Election
U.S. Presidential Election
Toshihiro Nakayama "The Obama Phenomenon: Thoughts on 2008 Presidential Election"
Yoichi Nishimura "Presidential Election and Japan-U.S. Relations"
Takuya Sasaki "The 2008 Presidential Election and Changes in the US"
Naoki Kamimura 'The Obama Administration's Agenda for "Change": An Analysis of Its Foreign, Particularly Latin American, Policy from a Historical Perspective'

America as a Pacific Nation
Gary Y. Okihiro "Japan, World War II, and Third World Liberation"
Stephen H. Sumida "Okinawa, Hawai'i, and the American Popular Imagination"

Understanding War and American Society
G. Kurt Piehler "Honoring the Soldiers and Forgetting Their Cause: American Memories of the Civil War and the Second World War"

No. 30 (2008) / Special: Native North American Economic Development and Cultural Revival

Native North American Economic Development and Cultural Revival
Kiyotaka Aoyagi "Groping for Their Way"
Henry Stewart "Economic Development and Cultural Rejuvenation in Inuit Society"
Kazuya Atsumi 'Ethnographic "Information" as "Resources": The Cultural Revitalization and Educational Autonomy of the Saanich in B.C., Canada'
Akihito Tachikawa "Contemporary Food Fishing among the Northwest Coast Aboriginal Societies: A Case Study of Kwakwaka'wakw Commercial Fishers"

Imitating Native American Arts
Atsunori Ito "'Authorizing' Native American Arts and Crafts: Hopi and Zuni Artists' Recognitions under the U.S. Current Laws"

Ayako Uchida "Sioux and the Termination Policy: South Dakota Jurisdiction Laws in the Early 1960s"
Noriko Ishiyama "The Agricultural Development of the Colorado River Indian Reservation and Japanese-American Labor:A Geographical Analysis of the Poston Internment Camp"
Izumi Ishii "Wilma Mankiller: Bridging the Past, Present, and Future"

No. 29 (2007) / Special: Native American Studies

Native American Studies
Curtis Marez "Looking Beyond Property:Native Americans and Photography"
Donald L. Fixico "American Indian Leadership in History to the Present"
Juri Abe "It Is a Good Day to Die: Native American Warrior Tradition and American wars"

Trends in Native North American Studies
Madoka Sato "Trends in Native North American Studies in Japan: History"
Atsunori Ito "Trends in Native North American Studies in Japan: Cultural Anthropology"
Azusa Ono "Trends in Native North American Studies in the United States of America: Urban Indian Studies"

<Research Notes>
Chieko Iiyama "Pueblo Indian Pottery of North America: Tourism in the Southwest and Change of the Tradition, 1880-1940"
Kanako Kobayashi "Significance of Traditional Rituals in Contemporary First Nation's Community in Canada: Potlatch as a Device for Arbitration and Regeneration"

No. 28 (2006) / Special: Visual Culture Studies

Visual Culture Studies
Eikoh Ikui "The Conditions of Visual Culture Studies"
Norihisa Kurenuma 'Art History and Its Other "Criteria"'
Yu Hidaka "Providing an Alternative View to the History of Photography: through Stephen Shore's The Nature of Photographs"

Missing Young Woman
Masako Inoue "Lourdes Portillo's Senorita Extraviada: Missing Young Woman and The Politics of Feminicidio"

Kotaro Nakagaki "Comic Journalism and War Representation: American Comics after Art Spiegelman"
Hiroko Iwamoto "Domestic Violence in Black Society: Focusing on Literature, Blues, and Movies"

Kenji Kobayashi "Another American Renaissance:A Case of Nathaniel Hawthorne"

No. 27 (2005) / Special: American Pop Culture
American Pop Culture
Minami Aoyama"American Pop Culture from the Literary Viewpoint"
Masako Notoji "Disney's Empire: The Cultural Strategies of American Theme Parks"
Yoshiaki Sato "What on Earth Is the "Black" Sound? : Analyzing the American Popular Music"
Makoto Shinozaki "Remake: Repeated American Films"

Cultural Studies Revisited
Hirotaka Kuwano "What Was Counterculture? : Focusing on an Initial Study of Cultural Studies"
Hiroshi Kutani "Noise as Surplus/Difference: American Middle Class and Punk"

<Research Note>s
"America on the Silver Screen"
Eiko Owada : Influence of American Invasion of Haiti on Faulkner and Hollywood
"Always the Hours, Always the Love: Mrs. Dalloway in U.S.A."
Yuko Nagoya "Far fron Vietnam: Vietnam War According to Platoon"

No. 26 (2004) / Symposium: American Photojournalism

American Photojournalism
Bunyo Ishikawa "Wars and Photojournalism"
Eikoh Ikui "The Landscape of "September 11th": Photography, Media, and Trauma"
Takaaki Hattori '"Photojournalism" and Society'
Masahiro Miura "Robert Capa: His Photographs and Words"

American Self Image
Yu Hidaka "Photographs of Democracy, Democracy of Photographs: Focusing on here is new york Exhibition and The Family of Man Exhibition"
Yukihiro Tsukada "Cowboy Theater : New Cinema/Vietnam/Gender Trouble"
Rieko Asai "Contesting Memories of Hiroshima : The Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing and Its News Coverage"

Mark E. Caprio "Engagement on Trial:The Short History of the U.S.-North Korea Agreed Framework"

No. 25 (2003) / Symposium: Minority and Invention of Culture
Minority and Invention of Culture
Hiroko Iwamoto "Searching for the Roots of African American Music"
Noriko Shimada "Acculturation and Ethnic Identity : A Case Study of Japanese Buddhism in Hawaii"
Fumiaki Noya "Split Identity : <Movimiento> and Chicano Literature"
Juri Abe "American Indian Identity and Invention of Culture : Focusing on Pan-Indian Movement"

Kumiko Noguchi "Hopi Tribe and the Indian Reorganization Act(1934) : Construction of the Tribal Constitution and the Tribal Council"
Fumiko Sakashita "Race and Sexuality in Lynching : On the Reception of Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" (1939)"

David Shulman and Guy G. Stroumsa (eds.) Dream Cultures: Exploitations in the Comparative History of Dreaming
Masashi Kawato "Bibliographical Introduction"
Masashi Kawato and Rio Okumura (tr.) '"Sharing and Interpreting Dreams in Amerindian Nations" by Barbara Tedlock'
Masashi Kawato and Shingo Akita (tr.) '"Mythic Dreams and Double Voicing" by Dennis Tedlock'

No. 24 (2002) / Special: Women and Politics

Women and Politics
Katherine G. Aiken "Women in the U. S. House of Representatives : Idaho's Gracie Pfost as Case Study"
Nancy Kassebaum Baker "The Challenge of Change"
Yumiko Ehara "Modern Nation-States and Gender"

Women's Studies Now
Aya Kitamura "Conflicts and Negotiation : Feminism as Everyday Practice"
Mayuko Sano "Lived Gender Norm : A Case Study of a Women's Studies Course in Napal"
Hisako Motoyama "Protesting Women : The Challenge to National Security Discourses by the Women in Black in Israel"

Gender and Representation
Tamami Nakamura "Meat/Cyborg : On Ruth L. Ozeki's My Year Meats"
Yukihiro Tsukada "Subversive/Reversal Gaze : Genre and Gender in Hitchcock's Rebecca"

No. 23 (2001) / Special: The Century of America: Politics, Economy, and Culture
The Century of America: Politics, Economy, and Culture : Lectures in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary for American Studies, Rikkyo University
Jitsuro Terashima "The Essence of American Economy and Japan's Choice"
Tadashi Aruga "A Democratic Great Power and the 20th-Century World"
Shunsuke Kamei '"The American Century" and American Culture'

American Cinema, Audience, and Society
Masato Hase "Reconsidering the Politics of Cinema : On the Reception of The Birth of a Nation"
Yuki Takinami "The Early Cinema and Its Audience : Introducing The Great Train Robbery"

Tsuyoshi Kogo "History, Politics, and Japan-US Relations : On John Dower's Study of History"

No. 22 (2000) / Special: Lectures and Questionnaires in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University

Lectures and Questionnaires
in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University
Makoto Saito "American Studies in Japan : Its History and Perspective"
Questionnaires to Japanese Scholars of American Studies : What Contribution Can Japanese Scholars of American Studies Make in Future
Thomas S. Foley "Democracy : A Shared Value"

<Lecture Series>
"America" and the Politics of Representation
Ayako Saito 'Hitchcock as an "American" Analyst : Decentering Multiculturalism and the Problem of "Americanness"'
Yujin Yaguchi "The Politics of the Picture Bride"

Kunio Yamakoshi "Reclaiming or Sharing of Landscape : Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement and Local Identity"
Kenji Motoyama 'Reading Hip Hop Culture : A Response to "'America' and the Politics of Representation"'
Shiro Iioka 'Framing "America" : A Negro in Hitchcock's Lifeboat'

No. 21 (1999) / Symposium: How Culture Transgresses the Borders: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality

How Culture Transgresses the Borders
Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
Tetsuya Motohashi "Cultural Studies and Transnationalization"
Takayuki Tatsumi "Can the Chimera Speak? : A Comparative Study of Captivity Narrative"
Suok-Buom Kim "How Culture Transgresses the Borders : From a Resident Korean Novelist's Viewpoint"
Takeshi Hiratsuka "Explanatory Notes to the Kim's Lecture"

Visual Representation in the Age of Multiculturalism
Yumiko Murakami "Asians in Hollywood Cinema"

The World of Achromatic Color
Ryo Sugiura 'Melville's "Benito Cereno"'
Keisuke Fukumoto "Doing Justice to Bartleby : The Impossible Judgements in "Bartleby, the Scrivener"
Shiro Iioka "Films of Passing: An Introduction : A History of American Cinema According to "White Negroes"

No. 20 (1998) / Lecture Series: American Culture Today: Film, Theatre, and Photography

<Lecture Series>
American Culture Today Film, Theatre, and Photography
Mikiro Kato "Why Does Hollywood Film Depict Trains?"
Misako Koike "American Theatre : Moving Ahead into the Twenty-first Century"
Eikoh Ikui "Crossing the Frontier : American Photography in the Twentieth Century"

Kazuaki Odani "The Confidence-Man and Another World to Find"

<Book Review>
Shiro Iioka "Ozu's Tokyo Story. Edited by David Desser"

<Cumulative Contents of No.1 (1976) - No.20 (1998)>
No. 19 (1997) / Symposium: Lights and Shadows of America: Multiculturalism

Light and Shadows of America Multiculturalism
Kenji Kobayashi "Introductory Report"
Michio Ochi "Dialogue with a Young Jewish American Businessman"
Konomi Ara "Toni Morrison and Multicultural Phenomenon"
Tatsuro Nomura "Multiculturalism and the American Realities"

Kunio Yamakoshi "The Installed Body in Leaves of Grass : Poetic Program of a Unionist"
Ryo Sugiura "The Discrepant Chain in Billy Budd, Sailor"
Satomi Saito 'The Primal Scene of a Detective Story : A Structural Analysis on Poe's "The Purloined Letter"'
No. 18 (1996) / Lecture Series: The Current Issues about the United States and the World

<Lecture Series>
The Current Issues about the United States and the World
Yuki Yasuda "Japan-U.S. Relations from the Perspective of International Finance and Economy"
Lecturer: Seiichiro Saito and Kazuo Konishi
Kazuo Ichinose "Current State of Multiculturalism in the United States"
Lecturer: Ronald Takaki
Takuya Sasaki "The Shape of Japan-U.S. and U.S.-China Relations"
Lecturer: Akio Takahara, Koichiro Matsuda, and Takuya Sasaki

Kazuo Konishi "On the Dollar as the Intervention Currency : The Case against the Vehicle Currency Theory"
Akio Takahara "U.S.-China Relations in the 1990s"
Takuya Sasaki "The Clinton Administration and Japanese-American Relations"

<Profile and Review: Prof. Ronald T. Takaki>
Madoka Sato "Profile and Works of Ronald T. Takaki"

Research Note (Book Review)
Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th-Century America. by Ronald Takaki
Kazuaki Odani "Prologue and Epilogue : American History Consisting of Two Chapters"
No. 17 (1995) / Lecture Series: Thinking about Contemporary Japanese-American Relations
Tadahiko Takaura "American Reilroads in the 1830s"
Nagayo Honma, Nobuo Matsunaga, Glenn S. Fukushima and Yoichiro Ichioka "Lecture Series: Thinking about Contemporary Japanese-American Relations"
Torao Tomita "Documentary History of the Institute for American Studies : A Supplement"
No. 16 (1994) / Documentary History of the Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University, 1939-1943. Compiled by Hiroshi Shimizu and Torao Tomita

Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University "Document I: Minutes of the Insitute for American Studies : From January to June, 1940"
Rikkyo University "Document II: Brief Summary of the Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University"
Rikkyo University "Document III: Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University : Organization, Project, and Research Outline of Research Department, June 1940"
General Affairs Department of the Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University "Document IV: Record : April, 1941"
Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University "Document V: Prospectus and the Board"
Institute for American Studies, Rikkyo University "Document VI: Budget"
Document VII: An excerpt from Rikkyo Gakuin Gakuho
Document VIII: An excerpt from Rikkyo University Shinbun
Document IX: An excerpt from "At the Time of Launching Rikkyo Economic Review" by Keisuke Suzuki

No. 15 (1993) / Black American Churches in Harlem, 1991-1992 Directory & Map
Juichi Mizuta "Black American Churches in Harlem, 1991-1992 : Directory & Map"
No. 14 (1992) / "National Policies" W.E. Washburn, ed., History of Indian-White Relations
Torao Tomita '"Introduction" Wilcomb E. Washburn'
1.Madoka Sato '"British Indian Policies to 1783" Wilbur R. Jacobs'
2.Torao Tomita '"Dutch and Swedish Indian Policies" Francis Jennings'
3.Junko Kino '"French Indian Policies" Mason Wade'
4.Madoka Sato '"United States Indian Policies, 1776-1815" Reginald Horsman'
5.Madoka Sato '"United States Indian Policies, 1815-1860" Francis Paul Prucha'
6.Sumiko Izumi '"United States Indian Policies, 1860-1900" William T. Hagan'
7.Shigeo Kojima '"United States Indian Policies, 1900-1980" Lawrence C. Kelly'
8.Junko Kino '"Canadian Indian Policies" Robert J. Surtees'
9.Izumi Kida '"Spanish Indian Policies" Charles Gibson'
10.Izumi Kida '"Mexican Indian Policies" Edward H. Spicer'
11.Sumiko Izumi '"Danish Greenland Policies" Finn Gad'
12.Shigeo Kojima '"Russian and Soviet Eskimo Indian Policies" Richard A. Pierce'

Contributors of Original Articles
No. 13 (1991) / American Indian Historical Documents

I. Indian Related Laws and Regulations
1.Yusuke Uzuki "Indian Removal Act of 1830"
2.Yusuke Uzuki and Keiichi Nishide "General Allotment Act (Dawes Act) of 1887"

II. Documents on American Indian History
1.Madoka Sato '"A Pawnee Mother's Advice to Her Son, Lone Chief."George Bird Grinnell (Pawnee)'
'"A Winnebago Father's Instructions to His Son." Paul Radin (Winnebago)'
2.Shigeo Kojima '"An Eyewitness Report of the Sand Creek Massacre." George Bent (Cheyenne)'
3.Sumiko Izumi '"The Sun Dance." Chief Dick Washakie (Shoshone)'
4. Ghost Dance
(i)Junko Kino '"An Account of Wovoka, the Paiute Messiah." Porcupine (Cheyenne)'
(ii)Sumiko Izumi '"A Defense of the Ghost Dance Religion." Masse Hadjo (Sioux)'
5. Naotaka Kimizuka '"The Massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on December 29, 1890."'
'Turning Hawk, Captain Sword, Spotted Horse, and American Horse (Sioux)'

III. Madoka Sato "A List of Translated Documents on American Indian History"
No. 12 (1990) / History of the United States of America
Torao Tomita "History of the United States of America"
No. 11 (1989) / African American History Studies at this Stage
I. Presidential Address of the Organization of American Historians, April 3, 1987.
Masaki Kawashima '"Trouble in Mind: The Bicentennial and the Afro-American Experience." (Abridged Translation) Leon F. Litwack'

II. A Round Table: Martin Luther King, Jr.
1. Shigeo Kojima '"Introduction." David Thelen'
2. Shigeo Kojima '"Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Spirit of Leadership." David J. Garrow'
3. Madoka Sato '"Martin Luther King, Jr.: Charismatic Leadership in a Mass Struggle." Clayborne Carson'
4. Masaki Kawashima '"Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Third World." James H. Cone'
5. Junko Kino '"Beyond Amnesia: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Future of America." Vincent Gordon Harding'
6. Shigeo Kojima '"Martin Luther King, Jr.: Charisma and Leadership." Nathan Irvin Huggins'
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Prefatory Note

Part I
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Part II Book Review
Tomoko Torikai "Donald L. Robinson, Slavery in the Structure of American Politics, 1765-1820."
"Duncan J. MacLeod, Slavery, Race and the American Revolution. "

Part III
Bibliography relating to American Revolution

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