2000 RIMS Cooperative Research

Development in Discrete Integrable Systems --Ultra-Discretization, Quantization--

DATE: August 2 (Wed) -- August 4 (Fri)
PLACE: Room 115, Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University

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August 2 (Wed)

    13:10 〜 13:20
        Opening remarks

    13:20 〜 14:10
        Continued fractions and integrable systems
        Yoshimasa Nakamura, Masashi Iwasaki and Satoshi Tsujimoto (Osaka University)

    14:20 〜 15:10
        Stokes multipliers, spectral determinants and T-Q system
        Junji Suzuki (Shizuoka University)

    15:30 〜 16:20
        Extension of Kac-Wakimoto theory to toroidal Lie algebras
        Yoshihisa Saito (Hiroshima University)

    16:30 〜 17:20
          Stationary state of 1-dimensional exclusion process:
          matrix method and q-orthogonal polynomials
        Tomohiro Sasamoto (University of Tokyo)

August 3 (Thu)

    10:00 〜 10:50
        Soliton cellular automaton and quantum computing
        Fumitaka Yura (University of Tokyo)

    11:00 〜 11:50
        Factorization of combinatorial R-matrices and associated cellular automata
        Goro Hatayama, Atsuo Kuniba (University of Tokyo), Taichiro Takagi (National Defense Academy of Japan)

    13:20 〜 14:10
        Combinatorics and crystals
        Susumu Ariki (Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine)

    14:20 〜 15:10
        A quick introduction to disceretised projective differential geometry
        Jun-ichi Inoguchi (Fukuoka University)

    15:30 〜 16:20
        Discrete constant mean curvature surfaces and their index
        Wayne Rossman (Kobe University)

    16:30 〜 17:20
        ``Ideal'' discretization of differential equations
        Ryogo Hirota (Waseda University)

August 4 (Fri)

    10:00 〜 10:50
        Dynamics of a pattern formation equation
        Atsuhiko Shida and Daisuke Takahashi (Waseda University)

    11:00 〜 11:50
        Painleve-Calogero correspondence
        Kanehisa Takasaki (Kyoto University)

    13:20 〜 14:10
        Integrable systems and random permutations
        Takahiro Shiota (Kyoto University)

    14:20 〜 15:10
        Symmetry, discretization, and ultra-discretization of the coupled KP hierarchy
        Saburo Kakei (Waseda University)

Contact to: Saburo Kakei
Department of mathematical sciences,
School of science and engineering,
Waseda university
3-4-1 Ohkubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan
Tel. +81-3-5286-3190
E-mail: skakei@mpdt.math.waseda.ac.jp

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