Noboru AOKI Akio FUJII Ssburo KAKEI Yasushi KOMORI
Shinobu NAGASHIMA Takeo NISHINOU Masayuki NORO Nobuya SATO
Fumihiro SATO Kazuhiro YOKOYAMA

for publications should be written in English, French or German and typed with ample margins.
Two copies of the manuscript should be sent to:
The Editorial Commitee
Commentarii Mathematici Univ. St. Pauli
Department of Mathematics, Rikkyo University
Nishi-Ikebukuro, Tokyo 171-8501, Japan
Submitted copies will not be returned; the original should be kept by the contributor.

We welcome manuscripts prepared in TeX (LATEX, AMS-TEX, etc.). When papers written in TEX are
accepted, the authors will be requested to send the text file to the above address.

Electronic submission is also admitted. Please send a pdf file by e-mail to:


Authors receive only one set of galley proofs for corrections. Joint authors should indicate on the
manuscript which of them should receive the proof if the manuscript is accepted.

Each author receives gratis 50 off-prints and one issue containing the work. (Joint authors receive 50
off-prints altogether.) Additional copies or covers are available at cost; consult with the Printer:
Kokusai Bunken Insatsusha
8-8 Takatanobaba 3, Tokyo 169-0075, Japan

Kokusai Bunken Insatsusha
8-8 Takatanobaba 3, Tokyo 169-0075, Japan


are handled by: