The newly established Rikkyo University Graduate School of Christian Studies explores the possibilities of Christianity in Japan and Northeast Asia in the 21st century.

On the occasion of its 135th anniversary , Rikkyo University, founded by the missionary Bishop Channing Moore Williams of the American Episcopal Church, will expand its existing Graduate School of Arts in Theology to include a new Graduate School of Christian Studies. Although Christianity at Rikkyo University is rooted in the tradition of the Anglican Church, the Graduate School is grounded in a spirit of ecumenism. Studies will approach the 2000 years of Christian history from various perspectives.

Two courses in the Graduate School

1 )Research Course in Christian Studies

This course emphasizes research and education in Christian Thought, Theology, Hebrew Scripture and New Testament, as well as Christian Art.
Degrees granted:
-Master of Theology, Master of Arts (two-year programs)
-Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy (three-year programs)

2 )Bishop Williams Course

This course is tailored for people presently working in a Christian-related field. It allows students to obtain a Master of Applied Theology degree in one year. Through this course students will conduct practical research and studies in either Church Music or NGO-NPO-related activities.

Full-time professors

Akio Tsukimoto (Old Testament, Biblical Archaeology)
Akira Ogawa (New Testament)
Migaku Sato (New Testament, Jewish Literature)
Keiichi Kaneko (Liberation Religious Studies, Contextualized Theology)
Souichi Takehara (Luther's Reformation Thought, Church History)
Yumiko Umezawa (Christian Ethics)
Hiroshi Kubota (Religious Studies, History of Religions)
Renta Nishihara (Anglicanism, Ecumenism)
Scott Shaw (Choir and Organ Music of the Church of England)
Yoshinori Ikezumi (Field Study, Human Rights Education)
Steven Morgan (Choral conducting, Choral literature, Hymnody)

For information concerning entrance examinations, tuition, scholarships and other related matters, please contact the following address.

Graduate School of Christian Studies
3-34-1, Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-8501
Tel: +81-3-3985-3392