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Employment Information

We are now recruiting for Program Manager positions to begin from April 2019.
If you wish to apply, complete the application by following the procedure below.

Position English Discussion Program Manager (Center for English Discussion Class)
  • MA or higher degree in English Language Education (Applied Linguistics, TESOL, or in any related field)
  • A sufficient background in teaching English at the university level
  • Experience in academic management
*Applicants of any nationality are welcome to apply.
Starting Date April 1, 2019
Conditions One-year contract, possibly renewed up to four times (for a total of 5 years maximum upon the mutual agreement of both parties)
Primary Duties
  1. Supervising and training English Instructors
  2. Teaching English Discussion Classes (4 lessons per week and substituting for absent instructors)
  3. Providing support for the students
  4. Organizing internal teacher-trainings including faculty development sessions and teacher observation
  5. Providing solutions as problems concerning English Discussion Class arise
  6. Creating and developing teaching materials
  7. Preparing and revising the curricula and syllabi
  8. Designing teaching methods and class planning
  9. Providing support during the recruitment of new instructors
  10. Engaging in any other work related to English Language Education and conduct ongoing program evaluation and related research
*Depending on possible future adjustments to Rikkyo University’s language program, the above duties are subject to change.
Work Days Monday to Saturday (6 days per week)
*Must be on campus during the regular semester (Spring and Fall) and the repeating courses sessions, which are offered for one week in August and two weeks in February.
Work Hours Monday to Friday 8:20-16:30 & Saturday 8:40-12:50
Location Ikebukuro Campus (Tokyo) & Niiza Campus (Saitama)
     Monday: Ikebukuro Campus or Niiza Campus
Tuesday - Friday: Ikebukuro Campus
     Saturday: Niiza Campus
Remuneration Salary: Salary shall be determined in the rule of Rikkyo Gakuin.
Additional: Summer bonus (1 month of salary provided in June), Winter bonus (2 months of salary provided in December), housing allowance, transportation allowance, insurance (Rikkyo Gakuin health insurance, welfare pension insurance and employment insurance) and grant-in-aid.
*The first bonus of the first year will be prorated based on the numbers of calendar days after the commencement of assignment.
Holiday Sundays
National Holidays
Special University Holidays
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring breaks
*In order to balance the number of classes over the 14-week semester, Rikkyo University schedules some classes on some national holidays, which are then considered to be work days. In lieu of these days, other days during the academic calendar become non-teaching days.
Paid Holiday 10 days for the first year
Application Documents Submit Documents Number 1 to 4 as e-mail attachments by the application deadline. Document Number 5 (references) must be submitted by each referee as e-mail attachments. No other formats will be accepted.
◆Download the Rikkyo University designated forms from below.
  1. Rikkyo Formatted Curriculum Vitae (Designated Form)
    (Outline for Curriculum Vitae)
  2. Academic Degrees (Submit photocopies)
    ・ Master’s and your highest Degree
    ・ TESOL-related Certificates / Diplomas if applicable
  3. Curriculum Beliefs and form
  4. Lesson Plan Response, Lesson 2 - Readingand form
  5. Two (2) References (Designated Form)
    ・Download the designated form and forward a copy to each of your referees.
    ・Referees must submit their completed forms to us via email directly.
*Candidates who pass the First Stage will be requested to submit “Model Teacher Training Task” for the Second Stage (Interview) at a later date.
Place of Submission Submit Application Document Number 1 to 4 as e-mail attachments.
Have each referee to submit Document Number 5 as e-mail attachment directly.
Submit all the application documents for the attention of “Personnel Section, Center for English Discussion Class, Rikkyo University”.
Selection Stages First Stage: Screening of application document (End of September)
Second Stage: Interview (Begining of October)
* Tentatively, notification of official offer of employment is scheduled to be made by the end of December, 2018.
Application Deadline
September 12, 2018 at 12:00 (noon), Japan Standard Time
※Please note the following;
  • 1) Submit completed application documents by the deadline.
  • 2) We do not disclose the reason for the rejection due to our policy.
  • 3) We will keep your files on record up to one year from submission, after which they will be discarded appropriately.


Q1: How can I find accommodation in Tokyo?

A1: You are expected to conduct the search for housing on your own.

Q2: I am applying from overseas. How can I get a working visa for Japan?

A2: We will provide you with a Certificate of Eligibility, which you can then take to the Japanese Embassy or the Japanese Consulate in your country of residence to apply for a work visa.

Q3: When does the contract begin and how long does it last?

A3: The contract term is from April 1 through March 31 of the following year. The contract is possibly renewed up to four times (in principle, for a total of 5 years maximum upon the mutual agreement of both parties). In some cases, positions may also be able to commence from September 1 (the second semester of the Japanese academic calendar).

Q4: Can I work part-time for this position?

A4: No. This position is a full-time position only.

Q5: Can I select the Rikkyo campus where I will teach?

A5: No. Your main campus will be in Ikebukuro. All English Instructors will be assigned to teach classes at both the Ikebukuro and Niiza campuses.

Q6: I am a non-native speaker of English. Can I apply for this position?

A6: Yes. Anyone who meets the required qualifications may apply.

Q7: I am living abroad. Can I apply for the position from overseas?

A7: Yes. We accept applications from all over the world. If necessary, a Skype interview can be arranged.

【Where to contact】

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Attention to: Personnel Section, Center for English Discussion Class, Rikkyo University